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Xin Di Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, and its headquarters is located in Langfang economic and Technological Development Zone, Hebei province. It is mainly engaged in the integration of technology research, engineering design, equipment manufacturing and integration, and engineering construction and management in the fields of municipal engineering, petrochemical industry and coal chemical industry. It is a high and new technology enterprise in the field of energy cleaning and comprehensive utilization.

With professional scientific research institutions, the company has acquired many national patents in coal based catalysis, gasification, methane, natural gas purification, liquefaction and system energy efficiency, and forms proprietary technology with independent intellectual property rights. It has become a leader in technical development, application and construction in the fields of coal based methanation and gas utilization.

The company has the municipal public engineering consulting class A, the Municipal Industry Design Class A, the chemical and petrochemical pharmaceutical industry design class A, the municipal public engineering construction general contractor one level, the chemical petroleum engineering construction general contractor one level and other qualifications. The company has nine sub branches and operates in 25 provinces and more than 100 cities. Over the years, the company has accumulated a wealth of achievements and experience, and won the Zhan Tianyou prize in China civil engineering.


China Gas Association Liquefied Natural Gas Association

Secretariat: block B, Huaxiang Road Science and Technology Park, Langfang Development Zone, Hebei, China 401


Shanghai office: C block 1101, Tiansheng Plaza, 421, Zheng Li Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai.